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1939 Jackson Ave.
Ann Arbor Mi 48103

Affordable Senior Housing

Site Map

Site Map


"If you're thinking about a assisted living, this place is perfect in the Ann Arbor area. They only hire the very best staff...from the kitchen to the gardener."

Alzheimer's Information


Are you or a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's Disease? Here's some information on Alzheimer's care in Michigan.

Alzheimer's Disease Research: Letter From US Senator Debbie Stabenow


We do a lot year around to support Alzheimer's research! Here's a little Thank You letter we recieved from Debbie Stabenow.

Proud Sponsor of Age of Champions


Join us for a feature-length documentary film about a group of athletes all chasing gold at the National Senior Olympics. View the trailer at http://ageofchampions.org

Helpful Information


"A very warm, welcoming, family run facility. Staff and residents alike are treated as part of the family. " Schedule a tour today!

The Mayflower Floorplan


View our Mayflower floorplan here! For other floorplan information and availability, please contact us today at (734) 761-4451.

The Prince Floorplan


View our Prince floorplan here! For other floorplan information and availability, please contact us today at (734) 761-4451.

The Heritage & Grace Floorplan


View ourHeritage and Grace floorplan here! For other floorplan information and availability, please contact us today at (734) 761-4451.

Three Things You Must Know About an Assisted Living Facility


Not sure what to look for when it comes to assisted living in Ann Arbor? Sign up for our tips to help guide you in your assited living home search.

Thank You!


"Very welcoming, family run, friendly atmosphere, beautiful grounds. Bless their hearts!" Schedule a tour today!

About Us


"Great, family-run caring facility. My mother liked it before she needed their care. We've been very happy with their care and services since several years now."

Our Mission Statement


Retirement Home in Ann Arbor focuses on improving and maintaining the well-beling of their residents through promoting independence, stimulating enviroment and more.

About Hillside Terrace - A Continuing Care Retirement Community in Ann Arbor


Hillside Terrace a continuing care retirement Ccommunity in Ann Arbor offers affordable senior living. Call us today for more information!

We Love Giving Back to Our Community!


We make it a point to be involved and stay connected to the things we’re passionate about, and one of those things is helping people. Read about our upcoming events!

We Love Working With Our Neighbors!


We love working with some great partners in the Ann Arbor community. Please find a few of the partners we work with here!

Our Amenities for Affordable Senior Care Centers in Ann Arbor


We offer affordable senior living in an attractive senior care center in Ann Arbor. Call us today to learn more!

Daily Activities for Senior Living Services in Ann Arbor


Our Care Level program is determined by the Wellness Director and is based on many factors specific to each resident. Call us today!

The Palms - Offering Long Term Care Facilities in Ann Arbor


Hillside Terrace Retirement Community offers long term care facilities in Ann Arbor. Call us today to learn more!

The Orchard - Offering Independent Living in Ann Arbor


Hillside Terrace retirement community offers independent living in Ann Arbor. Call today to learn more!

The Vineyard - Offering Enhanced Memory Care in Ann Arbor


Hillside Terrace retirement community offers enhanced memory care in Ann Arbor. Call us today to learn more!

The Gardens - Offering Assisted Living in Ann Arbor


Hillside Terrace retirement community offers assisted living in Ann Arbor. Call us today to learn more!

Schedule a Tour of Hillside Today!


Please view what Hillside Terrace has to offer by clicking through our virtual tours! Schedule a tour today! 734-761-4451

Contact Us


Contact Hillside Terrace Ann Arbor Retirement Home

Careers at Hillside Terrace


Are you searching for an exciting career? Hillside Terrace is looking for passionate and friendly individuals to join their team! Apply online!

Submit Your Resume for a Hillside Career!


Submit your resume today for an exciting career where work doesn’t even feel like work!



Calendar of Events for Our Ann Arbor Retirement Home



Newsletter for our Ann Arbor Retirement Home

How to Choose Long Term Care Facilities in Ann Arbor


"The entire staff does an outstanding job of caring for all our needs, and more." Contact us today to learn more about our long term care facilities.

Memory Care in Ann Arbor


"Hillside turned out to be more than a good choice, it has been a great choice for us -- better in so many more ways than we could have imagined." Call us today!

8 Questions to Ask to Ensure You’re Making Smart Decisions About Hospice Care in Ann Arbor!


Ensure you make a smart decision when it comes to hospice care in Ann Arbor. Find out what questions you should be asking!

Respite Care in Ann Arbor


It’s important to know that respite care is there for you when you need a substitute! Call Hillside Terrace today for more information!

How to Settle into a Senior Care Center in Ann Arbor


Are you moving a loved one into a Senior Care Center? Read here how you can help prepare your loved one for the change.

Daily Activities Help Residents With Memory Care Ann Arbor


"Thank you for not just "doing your job" but for going beyond the job requirements." Become a part of of community today! Call today!

What Should You Look for in Memory Care for Your Loved One in Ann Arbor


"Not a day goes by when I don't think about the wonderful care and kindness my wife received from you. Thank you so much!" Call today!

Is Your Loved One Getting the Nutrients They Need?


Is your loved one recieving their daily nutrients? Ensure that your parent's retirement community offers a balanced diet at every meal. Call today to schedule a tour!

When It Becomes Too Much to Be a Caregiver, Leave it to The Experts!


Has cargiving got the best of you? Call HIllside Terrace today for elderly care in Ann Arbor. We can help you!

Get Help Paying For Senior Living Services!


Are you wondering about how you'll be able to afford senior living services in Ann Arbor? Check out our flexible living options at Hillside!

How to Cope With Memory Loss


"Hillside turned out to be more than a good choice, it has been a great choice for us -- better in so many more ways than we could have imagined." Call today!

8 Benefits of Elderly Care in Ann Arbor


"People who work there are friendly and responsive. The medical staff and assistants have earned my respect for their skills and knowledge." Call today!

Elderly Care Ann Arbor: How to Make The Transition Easier for Everyone!


Is your parent a little apprehensive about moving into a retirement community? Learn how to make the transition easier for everyone here!

Is Hospice Care in Ann Arbor Right For You?


"We have not only benefited from excellent care, but also excellent communication. People who work there in every capacity are friendly and responsive." Schedule a tour today!

What You Should Know About Respite Care in Ann Arbor!


"At Hillside, there's an atmosphere of respect for seniors, and real joy in helping to make this time of life as comfortable, happy and interesting as possible." For more information about the respite care in Ann Arbor offered at Hillside Terrace, call us today!

The Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice Care


You must pick a care facility that will meet your expectations, as well as give you the comfort you and your family most desire. Call us today to schedule a tour!

Heart Health and Dementia: Is There a Connection?


Do you think there’s connection between heart health and brain health? There is a connection … whether you believe it or not! Read more!

How Music Aids Alzheimer’s and Dementia Therapy


We specialize in elderly care in Ann Arbor and have seen the benefits of introducing music therapy in various ways. Find out here!

How to Choose Between Assisted Living & Independent Living!


"Friends and family may be one of the most important and overlooked factors in caring for the elderly. The staff treat my Mom and all the other residents like family."

How to Coax Parents to Take Better Care of Themselves!


"Great, family-run caring facility." Call today to schedule a tour!

5 Ways Assisted Living Communities Inspire Seniors to Get Involved!


"My Mom came to Hillside lonely and in despair. She's now happily part of a community that feels like family. " Call today to schedule a tour!

Knowing When It’s Time for Your Parent to Stop Driving!


"My dad is so happy with his home at Hillside! When I visit during meal time....I can hear him laughing with the other residents as if they were out to dinner at a fine restaurant."

Supercentenarians Tips for Aging!


"I have known the Litz family for almost 20 years and you would be hard pressed to find people more caring and dedicated to their residents. Their building is beautiful, very clean and residents are lovingly cared for."

What to Say to Someone with Alzheimer’s


Does your loved one need help with memory care in Ann Arbor? We’re here for you and your family! Call today to schedule a tour!

Our Residents, Families and Staff Say It Best at Hillside Terrace Retirement Community


Our residents, families and staff say it best, Hillside Terrace Retirement Community has respect for seniors.



Looking for affordable elderly care in Ann Arbor or the surrounding areas? Schedule a tour at Hillsdie Terrace! (734) 761-4451

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